Kids Love

I was browsing through FB when I read Kay Lo’s talk on her beautiful daughters and how they bring her so much joy.  It made me remember the times when I had my babies and how they bring out the best and worst in me.  I love them all with all my heart and I cannot imagine what my life would be without them.  I guess we are molded more to become better human beings when we have these little angels with us and we learn more about giving and forgiving just by having them.

This poem was inspired by those FB reads.  This do not equate how much my kids were able to shape my life and my mind but, I just want to make a poem, not an essay.

Kids Bring Us
(written this 20th day of January, 2012, 10:30AM)

The day they were born they brought us delight
And then they brought us eye bags at night.

The day they first smile, we all watch in awe
How something so simple makes us forget all our woes.

The day they first talk and hear them said ‘Ma’
We love hearing those but I guess not the ‘waaahs’.

The day they first walk, we observe with keen eye
And the days when they first stumble and cry.

The day when they put anything in their mouth,
That we have to put off all small things from the house.

The day they first learn they can do things on their own,
They learn to discover little skills they can hone.

The day we train potty, they oppose and deviate
With their little eyes they disagree and debate.

And then they grow up, they turn three, four, five, six.
That they can truly make us rise up our voice and our sticks.

Our kids really brings forth a different light,
They lighten our path, they bring us delight.


Kids do grow up, they become teenagers.
But teenager kids? It’s another matter.

~ BeWiTchEd~

BeWiTchEd has been my pseudonym since I started writing poems, just love this nick.