JB Experience

I was a JB girl. I mean, a Jollibee girl.

I used to work in Jollibee (JB) in Davao and it was just not fun, but also enlightening and educational.  There were a lot of things I learned and I was surprised as how much I can put forward when I like my kind of work.  But I tell you, working in a fastfood chain was hardwork and you only get a minimal pay.  But experience wise, it was great.

The perks was well, ,you get to know other people and not just any people, that time, we volunteered to become Jollibee’s attendants (the mascot’s maids) just so we can meet face to face Aga Muhlach, Dominic Ochoa and Marvin Agustin.

With Marvin Agustin.

Of course, Aga being Aga, he was elusive and Marvin’s just okay with friendliness but Dominic was awesome and the friendliest (of course the one shot I had with DO, which I put inside my wallet that I stupidly LOST was well, history).

And not to mention the many hours spent standing and literally pasting a smile while remembering the seven (7) key steps of attending to customers.  Really?  When once in a while you just felt like spitting in some customers’ drinks and shoving some spaghetti on the back of their throats.  Or just throw the Chicken Joy like darts.  Oh well.

I learned to try patience, punctuality, flexibility, money and hardwork.  That really made me appreciate the good and easy going life of a full time student with nothing to think of but school and other ‘school’ stuff.  Anyway, I learned most except how to be punctual.

Why remember?

Because before we even got to our hotel, right after we landed in Oakland, we went straight to Union City and ate in a Jollibee chain (which happened to be just across the hotel we’re staying).

I almost forgot how a good pineapple juice taste like.

So ironic that I seldom go to Jollibee when I was still in Pinas and just go there when I crave something in particular.

Now, being in a place where it lacks Pinoy stuff, going to a place like San Francisco brimful of tatak Pinoy made me relive Jollibee days.  There’s the food chain where you can never go wrong, no matter how Jollibee-ish it is.  Although I like the taste of Church’s Chicken better, nothing beats a Chicken Joy dipped in their very own gravy.  Or the Pineapple juice that’s totally to my taste, or that Burger Steak where I had the chance to taste first when I was still working in the food chain.

So, at this point in time, I’m forgetting the diet and tastefully savor the Pinoy food that we always love and always will.