Day 1 – 15 Facts About Me

PIC: A shot from our home blessing.

15 Things About Me

  1. I write poetry and I call them my poetic musings.  It’s my way of expressing myself lit style.  That way, I don’t have to explain too much.
  2. I sleep with the monitor on.  The tube is my lullaby.  I usually open a movie and sleep through it.
  3. I sometimes have deficit disorder syndrome. But I come to terms of being a multitasker.
  4. I’m an introvert AND an extrovert.
  5. I’m a bookworm and I hoard books.
  6. I love music and instrumentals in particular.
  7. I’m health conscious but just love desserts.
  8. I used to be impulsive but not anymore.  Now, it’s worse when I’m shopping.  I go to several stores before I pick just ONE thing to buy.  And sometimes, I lost interest with it and decided NOT to buy.  I know, it’s infuriating.
  9. I’m an organizer and it’s tiring, but I can’t help my OC-ness.
  10. A wanna-be in a lot of things.  My interest range from – CFA, Master of Finance, Nursing, Photography, Languages, Piano, Guitar, Travels, Cooking, Crafts and surprisingly, Sewing.
  11. I want to write a book someday particularly in the genre of YA.
  12. I’m a particularly lazy person.  But since I dislike mess, so…I’m not.
  13. I love food but I’d rather have somebody do the cooking for me, but cooking interests me.
  14. My family inspires me to be more and do more.  If not for them, I’d be a couch potato.
  15. I’m both yin and yang, it’s weird.  There’s many ironic things I can’t understand about myself.
The first day of Who Am I.

Scavenger Snapshots

DSC_28901Low Key and Circle

This was some apparatus displayed in the Exploratorium SF.  It has something to do with its visual effect.

DSC_44731Monochromatic/Analogous Color

In Universal Studios.  The colors of pink.


We took this shot of two ‘gals’ who were also sightseeing the Exploratorium grounds.  They asked us if we can take their picture together and we happily complied.  My scarf entry (can’t find any other scarf.)


Sunday Snapshot

This blue wall is one of the exhibits of the Exploratorium and called a whispering gallery, where you can hear the sound from the other end, with two convex (an ellipsoid, to be exact) walls at both ends. It should be fun but when we tried it (I took this shot from the other end), we couldn’t hear anything!

Monday Prompts

Good morning!

I’m up earlier than usual and it’s already raining outside!  I’m just so happy that it’s finally raining after the months that gone by without a single drop and now, it’s abundantly so!

I haven’t been doing my usual blogging for a while and being busy was an excuse to do so, but it’s that I haven’t found myself having the will to blogging lately even though there are tons that I could have shared.  My photography is backed up already.  So, here I am waking myself up and will do a series of meme-ing.


MellowYellowBadge Smiling Sally

See the yellow thingy there and the blue? And by the way, this is the first time I’m doing a watermark that I’m liking. Hope this sticks.

This is one of those images I’m proud of because I finally got to perfect a night scene!  I’m still trying to get my hand on night photography and I can tell you I’m really frustrated about it.  I was so surprised this turned out well enough on a Manual/SOOC mode.  And to think we were walking down the sidewalk of the famous Strip.  How lucky can I be?


Quotography at {My}Perspective

This was taken inside the car while we were going back to CA from the Las Vegas trip. You can’t see the windshield because we wipe it clean every time we drop by on gas stations. We traveled a lot last summer and this was one of the lessons I learned on the way – Clean as we go (for better shots!).

Picnik collage wmps


Here’s my boys busy doing their thing.  Kuya on the ninja and our youngest, Bunso (3 years old) trying to emulate and wrote his name and drawn a caricature of him.

Ain’t he cute?

A Little More

MORE HEART © Galdzer |


조금만 더 참고 Be patient a little more

조금만 더 감사하고 Be thankful a little more

조금만 더 생각하고 Think a little more

조금만 더 노력하고 Try a little more

조금만 더 배려하고 Care for others a little more

조금만 더 미소짓고 Smile a little more

조금만 더 행동하고 Act a little more

조그만 더 사랑하고 Love a little more

조금만 더 부지런하고 Be diligent a little more

조금만 더 관대하면 Be generous a little more

A Tablet and the Freebies

In a hard economy like we have now, isn’t it nice to be able to own a freebie every now and then?

That way we can enjoy a steal and at the same time not feel guilty about something which normally not within our budget.

I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve been trying to enter some games, make surveys from the supermarkets I usually visit and, not out of desperation (but a little maybe), some sweepstakes. I would have love to win a shopping spree, a free vacation, a living room showcase or even just this new techie stuff I’ve been wanting to have – a Tablet with Flash. If I can only get that (not just courtesy of hubby), then it would have been like Christmas all over again, where generosity sprung the air. SO, here I am, signing up again to another wish – this time a free tablet, free tablet, free tablet (if I say it over and over again, do you think Santa would hear my persistence?). ^^v

So You Read?

I read. I do.

I especially like blogs with personal images (yeah, I know – this doesn’t have one yet – hey! I’m still warming up!). It’s like looking at another person’s life that’s not going through the grapevine but something he/she posted him/herself. That doesn’t have an iota of err since it came from the root itself.

I like reading the wisdom of people – seeing a different side of their personality that you appreciate in the long run. I like the capacity to become TMI in that quirky way (ok, so I love the word quirky) and making imperfection perfectly clear as imperfect as it can be (called humanness) and being able to laugh away the silliness in any encounters.

As for me, I would want contribute to the TMIs of the world, just that I’m lazy to convey info on my routinary life. Anyway, who wants to note that I just farted – as if it’s not a part of the daily routine when it is. Tiny details such as that is trivial. What’s good noting is when you farted loud enough while you’re on a date. Now, that’s something.

And I’ll go on reading.