A Day at Mary Jo Peckham Park

I’ve been living here in Katy for almost two years now, and have played in the playground of Peckham Park.  But it was just recently that I was able to appreciate it’s beauty aside from its well-maintained playground.

_DSC3201 copy

I knew for a fact that Peckham has a lake, a mini-golf, a walking trail, pavilion, a indoor swimming pool, a huge ground and three playgrounds but I never really did look.  I didn’t even knew we can fish there!

_DSC3202 copy

Usually, we go near there to play within the playground that looks like a train (and themed as that), and sometimes play in their ball area (tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc) but that was just it.

When I was browsing the pics that I snapped last February during Kikay’s birthday, I couldn’t help but appreciate the serene beauty of the park, especially surrounding the lake.  How could I miss that?

_DSC3211 copy

_DSC3205 copy

_DSC3212 copy

_DSC3213 copy

EK and Naruto.

Come to think of it, I haven’t even took a picture of the birthday girl, Kikay!

But definitely, Mary Jo Peckham Park is worth going to (plus it’s near my favorite place, the library).  Do you love the library too?  What was your parks like?


  1. Travelholic says:

    That is indeed a very beautiful park to miss, Avs! Kami diri kay nahurot na namo mga parks and playgrounds ug check out. Ubay-ubay pud baya, unya mao man pirmi namo pangitaon kung mag-drive around. :D

    Salamat pag-join last weelk’s TT! Join ka usab ba; linky for this week is now up!

    I love your new theme diay. Sige lang ka usab-usab! :)

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